Your Marketing Strategy is Wrong

October 29, 2019

Tough economic times, migrant customer loyalty, and low profit levels make struggling for more customers a constant challenge. Often without deep financial resources, business owners comb through millions of website pages to determine what they should do to compete.

I know because I have done it myself. Faced with the ever-driving need to sell more product, I too have spent hours researching and pouring over everything I could find in good, quality how-to online content. (I have even taken steps to earn a degree or two but that’s a different story.)

One fundamentally painful (and costly) truth I have found is this: The data contained in your marketing strategy, the what you are trying to achieve, might not be enough to draft a successful advertising plan, the how of achieving your business goals.

What if that is true of your strategy? Then you need to reevaluate your data. Do a “deep dive” of the different components. Leave no stone unturned, as it were.

How Your Marketing Strategy is Your Superpower

Your marketing strategy is a top-level document loaded full of data that helps you to define and scrutinize your own business advantages.

For instance, it clarifies your unique value proposition. This report recaps your customer perception value. It outlines your targeted audience’s demographics utilized in much of your advertisements. These pillars of information are what will drive your promotional branding into nitro performance.

It also summarizes critical customer, competitive and comparative analysis data used to direct your tactical efforts. It also should have a situational analysis.

This framework provides you with the knowledge you need to advertise, sell, and distribute your product offerings efficiently, affordably, and effectively. Otherwise, you are doomed to waste time, money, and resources.

Strategic Marketing is SMART Planning

Now with this essential fact-finding data drafted into a usable high-arching document, your marketing then becomes “strategic marketing.” It guides you through creating executable plans that perform. Your plan(s) define the what, how, and why you communicate to your customers.

You can get started writing your own marketing strategy with Defining Your Unique Value Proposition or Your Business Statements Superpower. If you need more or desire other assistance with writing your own strategy, review the following resource(s):

Using this informational material to design your tactical plan is the next big step to be successful in your efforts.

Cherisa Chapa is a driven business owner, semi-active online marketer, and digital technology enthusiast with over twenty years of information technology, business and marketing experience. When she isn’t geeking out, she enjoys the companionship of her loving family, cuddling with her elderly tabby, and engaging in various pursuits.

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