Shopping Patterns Provide Useful Insights

February 8, 2020

Much can be discovered from the shopping patterns customers use. Manufactured products are classified within four differentiating marketing categories. Another way is to discover how individuals search for the answer to their problem. Typically there are three different ways people shop online.

Marketing generalizations have shifted into less definable shopping intentions. However, there is still much to learn from how people shop.

The Direct Approach

A customer purchases a product because he or she is actively seeking a solution to a problem. Some solve their challenge by actively looking for an answer. Many go directly to the source with web addresses they have obtained. Either they already worked with this particular business before, seen advertisements and liked what they saw, or was a referral from friends, family, or online reviews. Your website content should describe your products well.

Pro Tip: Your Home page should direct your viewers to the page where they can read into the details of your products.

For example, think back to the last time you had a cold. Perhaps you didn’t know which cold medicine would work best for your symptoms. You have a preferred brand so you pull up their website. You went directly to the source for relief.

Here and There

Others want the resolution to be presented to them but they do not actively hunt for it. It is possible they don’t understand the nature of their issue. Alternatively there could be multiple reasons for their trouble and are unsure if what they pick would actually correct it. Presenting how-to articles in blog posts, infographs, case studies, and e-books would help guide the customer to the an answer.

In this instance, the online searcher is using specific keywords or phrases to find details. Articles that directly relate to these words can be located. Descriptions on how to fix the matter are quite useful. Detailing alternatives or how your business helped another is important.

Shopping for What

Finally, the last group don’t realize they have a problem. Therefore they are not seeking to resolve it. It could become something they have to deal with in the future. They won’t focus their online activities. Their search activities meander through different channels. Not pursuing one avenue. Simply they lack awareness. These individuals need educational resources.

Today it is common to have a smartphone. When the iPhone was due to release, Steve Jobs knew that he needed to educate the public to build awareness, understanding, and desire for his newest expensive tech device. It took months of promotion to admass the historically famous long lines on release day.

Cherisa Chapa is a driven business owner, semi-active online marketer, and digital technology enthusiast with over twenty years of information technology, business and marketing experience. When she isn’t geeking out, she enjoys the companionship of her loving family, cuddling with her elderly tabby, and engaging in various pursuits.

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