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Drafting IT Policies and Procedures

Information Technology Policies and Procedures

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Business Continuity Plan

Change Management Policy

Information Security Policy

Incidence Response Policy

Remote Access Policy

Email / Communication Policy

Disaster Recovery Policy

Monthly Fee


Gain a professionally designed and compliant website to accomplish your business goals! Initial website design fees may apply. Some terms and conditions apply.

Provide Guideance

Formalize your Information Technology activities with policies and procedures. IT guidenance helps to direct your technology.

Let Recharge Digital Consultancy provide you with the framework to get started.

Start with your own Standard Monthly Subscription to learn more about your IT Policies and Procedures then contact our Business Analysts to guide you through your own organizational complexities, and let us assist you with implementing technology solutions that make sense.

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Featured Program

Our service program provides you with a professionally designed ADA compliant website, website hosting, and website maintenance with limited adds, changes, and deletes to content.

Compliance and Governance

What is ADA Complisance for a website? How is ADA and Section 508 compliance managed? We help you through the implement of ccomlpiance and maintaining it. We guide you through directing digital governance.

Website Design Services

Don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself? We can handle it for you.

Better User Experiences

Need help working through developing user experiences and build better, more personalized customer service experiences. We help you identify your customer’s interactions with your website and help you create better, personalized experiences.

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