How Does Online Marketing Work?

December 26, 2019

The online marketing methods used depend upon the marketing strategy outlined by the business. Within the marketing strategy, key components of data are determined to direct the efforts of multiple tactical, perhaps campaign-based, plans and sets the measurement standards in metrics.

Marketing Strategy Role

You use your marketing strategy to create content that appeals to your targeted audience(s). You then place the content in the channels you have determined your ideal customer is located. (Your marketing strategy should also help you identify what pain points or micro-moments evolve into opportunities for you. Therefore you would have already outlined the path to purchase.)

Your website is a critical piece of online marketing. It doesn’t exist outside of your other web marketing efforts, such as social media marketing or email marketing. When you eliminate one of those communication channels, you risk removing a portion of potential customers from your brand. Each one has their role to play but don’t confusing one marketing method as the “be all, end all” in your promotional efforts.

Consider your website your content headquarters or your library. Your other efforts should reference back to your website. Online shoppers, especially in the research stage, will need more than what is in your social media pages. House it on your website to help them complete any research and discovery they need to cultivate trust and to engage in a relationship with your business, even after the sale.

Share your content from your website through your online marketing channels. Those shared posts contribute to your relevance score in search engine results. It in turn raises your ranking in results.

When done correctly, online marketing is an effective method to promote your business. The degree of how much research content is needed is based upon what type of product you offer and what the customer needs to determine your offerings corrects the specific problem the customer needs resolved.

Cherisa Chapa is a driven business owner, semi-active online marketer, and digital technology enthusiast with over twenty years of information technology, business and marketing experience. When she isn’t geeking out, she enjoys the companionship of her loving family, cuddling with her elderly tabby, and engaging in various pursuits.

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