HIPAA Compliance

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How do you assess your Practice’s HIPAA Compliance? This how-to guide walks you through what steps to follow to assess your Practice’s HIPAA Compliance to the Privacy, Security and Breach Rules. Pre-order your digital PDF copy today for the discounted rate of $275.00. Discount expires: 04/22/2022

Available June 15, 2022

Establishing HIPAA Compliance

This guidebook series is designed for covered entities. These guidebooks break down the standards and requirements of HIPAA’s privacy, security, and breach rules. They include sample polices and procedures, assessment documents, and sample documentation to get you started in each of these areas.

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Self Directed Compliance Guides

These guides systematically walk you through HIPAA compliance. It provides a documented method for determining your organization’s HIPAA compliance. It outlines what steps in your risk assessment need action, what areas are adequately documented, and who is assigned to follow up to complete the task.

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Consultant-Lead HIPAA Audits

HIPAA requires periodic (i.e., annual) audits of your administrative, physical, and technological safeguards to expose gaps. This effort is often challenging, timely, and costly for most covered entities and their business associates. Let our experienced HIPAA Consultants conduct these assessments for you so you can focus on what you do best!

Ignoring compliance or the bare minimal isn’t enough. Significant fines, adjustments to health service paymens and civil, and sometimes, criminal monetary penalities are costly. Your losses could total in the hundreds of thousands (even millions) of dollars. When you add in the reputation damage and loss of trust the total cost is unmeasurable.

Our team collaborates with you and your staff (and your IT managed service provider (MSP) to assess your unique business. Often, our outside perspective often spots gaps that in-house personnel generally do not.

Our audit system covers over 530+ components to help ensure full complaince. We then focus on correcting root causes of identifiying vulnerabilities. While OCR does not recognize organizational HIPAA certification, you can be rest assured that the due diligence requirement has been satisfied.

What’s Included

We generally provide you with reported findings on vulernabilities, recommendations for corrective actions, diligence documentation and other related materals pertaining to your specific audit cycle.

  • Written evaluation of your Administrative Assessment.
  • Written evaluation of your Physical Assessment.
  • Written evaluation of your Techology environment, including Cybersecurity Threat.

Other HIPAA Compliance Services:


HIPAA Administrative Review

Have your HIPAA-related policies and procedures sat on the shelf since 1996? Or does the pure volume of work overwhelm you? Our experienced consultants review your current HIPAA-based policies, procedures, employee documents, IT security reports, and training materials to assess your level of HIPAA Compliance. We will recommend changes and provide you with updated documents, as needed. 

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HIPAA-Related Policies and Procedures

We will provide you with HIPAA-related policies and procedures templates you can customize to fit your organization. Our templates cover the standards, requirements, and addressable HIPAA rules. Alternatively, we can customize them for you.

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HIPAA-Compliance Training

We provide customized HIPAA-related training for your employees either basic adherance in your environment, or role-based adherence for Privacy Officers and Security Officers. Training is required for new hires, changes in envinroment, and as annual reminders.

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