Getting Ready for Black Fridays

October 5, 2019

Increasing sales by new customers through online marketing is a common challenge for all businesses, organizations, and non-profits. After all without accruing more funds, most won’t survive.

This year’s sales season is almost upon us. With last year’s sale figures (2018) were over 7.8 billion. Are you ready for Black Monday?

For many owners, the complexities of promotion online is confusing and frustrating. Some debate the effectiveness of conventional methods, such as having a website, to build their brand. Others avoid social media based on a fear of negative reviews. Don’t leave money on the preverbal table.

What Makes Online Marketing Unsuccessful

Ineffective online marketing stems from misconceptions. They range from how different methodologies work to how the many tools should be implemented for promotional activities. Sometimes the problem is simply that the methodology doesn’t complete the sales cycle, the tool used isn’t maintained well or executed incorrectly, or other tactics are not built into the customer experience to streamline it. Other issues stem from an inaccurate analyst of the engagement data to impossible KPIs.

The key pillars for making your attempts successful is drilling down on your data for your top-level marketing strategy, crafting your marketing plan(s), and then executing the right tools in the correct manner to meet (or exceed) expectations.

Each one of these is a chore in of itself. But, don’t worry.

Let Recharge Digital Consultancy provide you with the framework to transform your labors into an effective, efficient, and affordable undertaking to grow your business. 

Start with your own Standard Monthly Subscription to learn more about drafting your marketing strategy, how to use that data to create your tactical campaign plans, and then implement the best tools for the job.

Of course, we’ll guide you through the complexities, and assist you (as you need us) with implementing digital that make sense.

Cherisa Chapa is a driven business owner, semi-active online marketer, and digital technology enthusiast with over twenty years of information technology, business and marketing experience. When she isn’t geeking out, she enjoys the companionship of her loving family, cuddling with her elderly tabby, and engaging in various pursuits.

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