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Disabilities, Technology and the Workplace

Disabilities and Technology

Autism (ASD)


Deafness / Hearing-Impairment

Blindness / Vision-Impairment

Disabilities and the Workplace

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Workplace Technology

Help your most vulnerable workers leverage technology. Examine the most common challenges workers with the disability have and identify what technology assists with those challenges.

Let Recharge Digital Consultancy provide you with the framework to transform your workplace into a productive environment for your workers with disabities.

Start with your own Standard Monthly Subscription to learn more about Disabilites, Technology and the Workplace, then contact our Business Analysts to guide you through your own organizational complexities, and let us assist you with implementing technology solutions that make sense.

Disabilities | Technology | Workplace


Deafness / Hearing-Impaired

Blindness /Vision-Impaired

Featured Program

Our service program provides you with the resources you need to idenfity reasonable accommodation for workers with disabilities by examining the nature of the disabiity and identifying what technology can assist.

Examine the Disability

What challneges does your disability worker have? We guide you through providing reasonable accommodation.

Professional Analyst

Need help to evaluate what your disability worker needs? We can analyize your workforce needs and guide toward the technology solutions that make sense for you.

Review Technology Options

What technology options are available? We help you to identify technology options that provide reasonable accommodation for your disabilility worker.

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