Digital Management Solutions

Manaagement Tools at Your Fingertips

Your Own Access Portal

Our Digital Management Solutions are designed to give your own electronic portal for employment records, clinical operation manuals, compliance documents, risk management records, and information technology guidelines. Imagine the ease of having your critical policies and procedures at your fingertips and distributed to your staff, as appropriate and necessary.

Ethics of Practice

Enhance Your Business Processes

Well-written policies and procedures help your employees create a consistent customer (patient) experience. They also protect you from potentially expensive lawsuits and government audits. Your Practice Management documentation is likely the only evidence to support your business’ position.

Your DMS portal provides you with — not only the ability to share your completed documents — but also helps you identify where your own materials may be lacking with our Practice Documentation Toolkit service.


  • Dental Practice Management: Clinical Manual
  • Rehabilitation Therapy: Clinical Manual

Empower Your Employees

Go further and grant each employee their own Personnel Folder to review, sign, and manage their copies of their Job Description, Employee Handbook, and Performance Reviews. Enable them to develop their skills and remain compliant with access to online training and development programs. Just add-on the Human Resource Management: Employee Account module according to the number of employees that need DMS Portal access.

Our Practice Documentation Toolkit service in Human Resource Management offers assistance with writing unique to your business’ job descriptions, employee handbook, performance reviews, and implementing compliance audit assistance.

Select the add-ons of your choice to draft and implement the policies and procedures you need to capture the uniqueness of your business.


  • Human Resources Management: Job Descriptions
  • Human Resources Management: Employee Handbook
  • Human Resources Management: Performance Reviews (and Process)

How It Works

Start with registering your business in our DMS system. Then enter the DMS manager’s information. Ideally the primary managing account should be for the business owner, primary doctor or practitioner, practice manager, HR manager, or office manager.

Use this account to upload all of your company-wide documents and classify them according to their function within your business. Then setup each employee’s personnel account. Share company-wide documents and upload individually specific documents, as needed. Each employee will need their own secure email address which is used to communicate their login credentials, to provide notices, and share training certificates.