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Professionally designed responsive (and ADA compliant) website to accomplish your business goals! Initial website design fees may apply. Some terms and conditions apply.

Are You ADA Compliant?

When Americans with Disabilities Act (the “ADA”) was signed into law in 1990, no one anticipated just how the internet would change peoples lives. A specific provision of Title III requires businesses with more than 15 employees that serve as “places of public accommodations” to remove “access barriers” that inhibit a disabled person’s access to goods and services.

In general the courts do not agree on whether Title III’s definition of”public accommodations” is limited to physical space. Some have found that a website can be a place of accommodation independent of any connection to a physical space.

Is your current website ADA compliant? What level of compliance does it meet? Get the help you need, Recharge Digital Consultancy is here for you.

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Compliance and Governance

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Our service program provides you with a professionally designed ADA compliant website, website hosting, and website maintenance with limited adds, changes, and deletes to content.

Compliance and Governance

What is ADA compliance for a website? How is ADA and Section 508 compliance managed? We help you through the implemenation and maintaining compliancev with digital governance.

Website Design Services

Don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself? We can handle it for you.

Better User Experiences

Need help working through developing user experiences and build better, more personalized customer service experiences. We assist with identifying your customer’s interactions and crafting personal digital experiences.

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