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About Us

“We enjoy engaging with people and learning about their business. What’s your  challenge?”

Our Mission

Recharge Digital Consultancy is a small family-based business centered on engaging others (businesses) with technology through educational resources, consulting services, and solutions whether they are customers, employees, individuals with disabilities, stakeholders, and owners. We enable businesses to implement best practices to allow them to compete with larger corporations.

Our Business

Recharge Digital Consultancy is owned an operated by Cherisa Chapa, whom has several years of experience as a Business Analyst, IT Project Manager, Website Designer / Website Developer, and Digital Marketing Specialist.

The business provides work opportunities for various freelancers in visual and graphic design, UX/UI website design, website development, business analyst, copywriting, and others (as needed) to keep costs low. (Your project is always managed in-house!) It supports employees with disabilities, such as dsylexia, autism, vision-impairment, hearing-impairment whenever possible.

It is located north of Wichita Falls, Texas in Burkburnett, just two miles from the Red River separating Texas and Oklahoma, heading further north toward Lawton, Oklahoma.

I’ve been fascinated by the power of technology, especially websites, since I first tapped a keyboard. As an instructor, I taught people how to utilize productivity software tools, explore the exciting new world of the Internet, and design and leverage data systems through classes offered by a local community college.

As an IT professional, I have worked on multiple digital-based projects as an information technology project manger, business analyst, and website design and development for education, medical, government, and manufacturing industries. These projects have ranged from large and small endeavors in software development (such as Oracle), web-based software applications, and websites.

Eventually, I started up a business (or two) and then opened Recharge Digital Consultancy to assist business owners to align technology in their business along with industry best practices. Regardless of the task at hand, it has always been about engaging individuals through technology whether they are customers, employees, individuals with disabilities, stakeholders, or owners.


Certifications and Licenses


  • Inbound Certification
  • Content Marketing Certification
  • Growth Driven Design Certification


  • Google Sales Certification


Popular Programs

ADA Compliant Websites

ADA Compliant Website Assessment

Disabilities, Technology and the Workplace

Online Marketing

IT Policies and Procedures

Digital Transformation

Customer-Centric. Goal-Oriented.

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