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Our Monthly Subscription Service‘s Online Marketing series gives you the help you need to align your plans with your efforts. Our educational programs and services provide affordable options to assist you. Some terms and conditions apply.

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Learn how to maximize your marketing strategy to craft the details of your online marketing to build your business. Understand the relationship your website, social media, online reviews, and online marketing methods work to generate leads, increase sales, and develop brand advocates.

Let Recharge Digital Consultancy provide you with the framework you need to implement your online marketing plan. We offer a variety of services and tools to recharge your online marketing efforts.

We help you learn what you need to through our Standard Monthly Subscription online marketing series, offer attractive, responsive and ada-compliant website design services, and help you to implement better, more personalized customer experiences.

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Our training programs help guide you through identifying your business and marketing goals, define your customer personas, refine your marketing segments,  set SMART goals, focus your online marketing efforts, and measure your success.

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What is marketing? How does it benefit your business? What online marketing methods work for your business? What tools can you use? We answer these questions and more through our marketing training programs.

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Don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself? We can handle it for you. From websites, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and more.

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Need help working through the online marketing process? Learn how to focus your marketing efforts into activities that generate the best results for your online marketing efforts and improve customer service.

Cherisa is a knowledgeable, skilled, and dependable professional in business management, technical services, and project management.

Michael Meccia

IT Director

Cherisa is a knowledgeable and insightful person in business management and IT development. She works well with management and frontline staff and is able to get the right infrastructure set up that works well for all parties involved. She is an asset to all who work with her.

Cheryl Carson

Database Systems Administrator

Cherisa works with me often to assist in the updating of my website. She has such a strong gift of insight into what revisions are needed and what updating is needed in content. Cherisa is organized, creative, punctual and humorous. I thoroughly enjoy working with Cherisa. I would recommend her for new and mature projects.

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Don Swift and Associates, LLC

Efficient. Affordable. Effective.

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